Remember Me

series . Vienna 2015–2016 (Austria . EU)


In the 19th century, paranormal investigators would capture ghosts of ancestors and loved ones photographically. We do think we know better today, but a camera can indeed see more than our eyes. Fast movement like the flapping of a hummingbird’s wings for instance, can be frozen by a camera. Or a long exposure of the starry sky at night shows time in the shape of lines the stars leave behind.

How can we know what is real if there are things we can only see with a tool? What more is there in our world to reveal when even time, a fairly abstract value, can become visible by photographing it?

With “Remember Me” I reflect on these questions as well as on memory and even more so on our (in)ability to remember. Both are in constant flux like the urban environments we live in and our random daily encounters.

Photography zine . A6/A3
B/W digital print . 100g Munken Premium Cream . 16 pages
Numbered and signed limited edition of 10

I photograph into and out of public transportation with little control over who is being framed. A technique that both mirrors and replicates the paradox that the harder we try to rebuild a face of a passed away loved one in our memory, the less we succeed and in order to recall their face, to follow their unspoken request “remember me!”, we have to let go. We have to forget to remember.

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