The Oh Vienna! Project

Since 2015 . Vienna (Austria . EU)


Initially, the Oh Vienna! project was both a personal challenge to shoot a picture a day for a year and to honor Vienna, my second great love and chosen gorgeous home.

After one year had passed, I continued to photograph. The project shifted into “free writing with pictures” in search of my voice as a photographer.

Then it turned into a “window into a world” for my dying mother. Ever since my mother died in 2016, this project has been on hold. Perhaps it will become a place where love still can go to.

My thoughts on The Oh Vienna! project over time:

2015 . Thoughts on the Oh Vienna! project
2016 . Experiencing “The Death of the Author” . 1 Year of The Oh Vienna! Project
2017 . Tool Time . Loss and Grief or Giving Love A Place To Go To

The entire Oh Vienna! Project

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